Something I never knew

The Navajo Night Chant:
With beauty before me, I walk.
With beauty behind me, I walk.
With beauty above me, I walk.
With beauty below me, I walk.
With beauty all around me, I walk.
In beauty it begins.
In beauty it ends.
Quietly I follow the way.

Thanks to Under the Ponderosa.


Blogger Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

Hi. I just noticed that you linked to me here.

The Night Chant actually does not end with the line "quietly I walk the way." I added that. The night chant ends with the night, which seems to me to end with death, so I added the last bit so it would apply to the occasion... I know, that was terrible!

Here you are, a different translation than I was originally working from: http://www.dailycelebrations.com/112801.htm

5:35 PM  

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