Counting votes in Washington...for a third time...

Here we go again. We’re counting votes for the third time here in the Green (or more appropriately Blue) State of Washington. This time it’s a hand recount. Of course, everyone knows that counting by hand is sooo much more accurate than machine counts.

Today, Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt said, “We're going to count every vote in every county, whether it's a Rossi county or a Gregoire county.” It’s essentially the same statement he made with tears in his eyes on November 12th when King County Superior Court Judge Dean Lum ordered the names of over 900 voters with errors on their provisional ballots be turned over to the Democrats. Berendt wants so bad ‘to count every vote.’

Hogwash! If that was true, then why was an assistant on Christine Gregoire’s Communications staff quoted in the Seattle Times on November 14th saying “the canvassers knock on doors and ask if the person is a Gregoire voter. If they say no, we just tell them to have a nice day. If they said yes, then they continue with the process.”

Until today, the final day to request a recount, the democrats have not formally made any charges of voter fraud. The party filed suit in the state Supreme Court, asking to allow reconsidering ballots that had been rejected earlier. The suit is filed on behalf of four voters.

One of the four mentioned in the Seattle Times piece, Ronald Taro Suyematsu, says he never received his absentee ballot. Suyematsu also says that when he went to his precinct polling place to cast a provisional ballot he didn’t show up on the registration list. Supposedly as a result, his vote was never counted.

Hmmm, did you actually ever register to vote Ron?

I still don’t understand why we allow a ballot with the party initial circled to be counted as a vote. If the directions say “Fill in the oval completely. Use blue or black ink,” then why the hell do we count a ballot where the voter “apparently marked an X in ovals with a blue pen,” or “they made a check mark or a used red pen that a machine can't read.”

Really, how tough is it. I’m sorry you didn’t have time to read the directions, or ask for help, or ask an election official for a black pen. In my opinion, if you can’t follow the directions your vote shouldn’t count; if you didn't take the time to register your vote shouldn't count. Every vote should count but every fly speck and slash on a ballot is not a vote.