Mt. St. Helens

Beautiful view at the mountain today.

The new dome continues to grow. For an idea of how big it has gotten check out this pic. That is a person in the circle...

Diagnosis: Fat Slob

The diagnoses are in. I have sleep apnea and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

First the apnea. I had an AHI of just over 48 (normal runs below 10). In 7.6 hours of sleep I had nearly 300 events. No wonder I'm always tired...

I have been sleeping with my CPAP for a week now. I'm sure I'm still paying my sleep debt, but I know the thing works. I slept without it a few nights ago and was wasted all day. THAT MACHINE KICKS A$$!

And now the NASH. It's basically fatty deposits in the liver that can't be attributed to other liver problems (Hep B&C ruled out, cirrhosis ruled out, hemochromatosis ruled out). Typically strikes severly overweight people, but since Will Smith has a BMI of 27 I guess we're all fat now. Doc says, "lose 10 to 20 and see me in three to six."

My wife is very happy...

Burning My Eyes

Grant, you have my weather. Please return. Bright yellow thing in sky hurts my eyes.

Little Brother

I finally found my little brother's blog here.

Methinks he has never liked me, but I'm proud of him. The smartest guy I know, by far, and destined to be overwhelmingly successful.


Santiam Pass

Speaking of Santiam Pass, on our return trip from my parents during Christmas break, we drove home over Santiam Pass. Amazingly, we made it (thank God for 4 wheel drive). My little brother and his girlfriend had to turn around and try a different route. The snow was falling so hard and the road was so bad that we were only doing 35mph at the summit. This is what it looks like in B&W.

First Snow

My Son

Since I mentioned the topic of turning a photo into a painting, here's one I did of my son.

I enlarged it to an 8x10 for my parents and my wife's mother for this past Christmas.

First Snow