Ron, this may hurt a little bit

Ron is infinitely more complex than I ever imagined. Yet at the same time, he is infinitely less complex than I ever imagined.

My constant mission at Grant's wedding reception was, "When can I get another drink?" Ron was avoiding Filipinos, hitting on every unavailable woman present, avoiding skunks and available women, and throwing cantalopes.

I don't think Ron ever really had a childhood. Now, in adulthood, he can't decide between trying to reclaim that lost childhood or really entering the world of the grownups. But here's a hint for you, Diggity, none of us really knows what the fuck is going on. Grant and Dale may seem to have it all together, but they don't. I'm absolutely certain that I don't.

One of the inside jokes at the wedding was that Ron was in love with three people at the wedding, two of which were completely unattainable. The third was himself. But I don't think that's true. I'm not convinced that Ron is in love with any of the three, and probably least of all himself.

Ron, you are way more intelligent than I am. You are impressively successful. You are a great guy. When you finally realize that it is OK to love yourself, the women will come. That chick at the bar was an empty dustjacket in a library full of earthshattering novels. Deep down you knew that. Once you stop believing that you are an empty dustjacket, more readers will start picking you up.


Another day, another half a billion dollars

G-Freak reminds me that it did choke up a bit this morning after I was sure Discovery was passed +73.618. I remember watching Challenger go that morning in school.

When Columbia went, weird things happended. About thirty minutes after confirmation, Mormons showed up at my door. Having friends working on Shuttle and Station in Houston, I was busily getting in touch with them to see how they were dealing. No time for visitors...I told the boys it was a bad time. I told one of them to go call his father. His dad works for Thiokol.

Here in Seattle, we have candle-light vigils when a dog gets run over. I went to the Museum of Flight and found no one and nothing. The guard told me there wouldn't be as there was a "private event" that night.

A few weeks later I was in Houston for work. The mass of balloons, cards, and photos at the gate was heartbreaking. A church in Houston I had attended only a few weeks prior to the launch was where some of the Astronauts went. Mission patches were selling on Ebay for over $100. I bought three at the museum for $4.25 each. I didn't sell mine. I even found a Challenger patch.

Not to dwell on the bad stuff, by far my best memory of Shuttles and space was actually seeing a launch. Absolutely indescribable...so I won't try.


The End of Moosefest

They're calling it quits in Cicely, aka Roslyn, WA. Seems there aren't enough fans coming to remember "Northern Exposure" anymore. For tiny towns in America that have been home to television shows, this forty mile stretch between North Bend and Roslyn is probably the cult capital. It would be great if someone could create some sort of festival uniting the two, though I doubt the audiences have too much in common. I'd do it, but I'm lazy...and not a huge fan of either show...

80's music

Only scored an 86.5. My memory is fading with age...or I need to watch more VH1.

hattip to Miss Reagan who I found through random tapping on the "Next Blog" button.


Why not stay here?

You know that hotel in Dubai you always see on the travel channel? To improve my geek score, I found it on Google Maps...


Ad astra per aspera

Scotty fought Krauts in real life and Klingons on TV. The final curtain has been drawn by a tiny bacteria. Gentlemen, may the wind be at our backs. Stations please.

Google tips its hat to us aerospace geeks

Very cool moon map from Google. Zoom all the way in for what the moon really looks like. So much for green.


I am a Simple Geek

Here's me:
The Simple Geek
You answered 70% of the questions as a geek truly would.
You don't seem to sway in either direction, however you still seem to have some latent geek attributes within you. Maybe you're interested in computers but not a gamer? Maybe you've got geek hobbies but none of the awkward social tendencies. You may be slightly geekier than you thought and in denial!
The simple geek usually has various quirks that friends may make fun of, but in general can be considered a fairly normal person. Your geek attributes make you less likely to conform to society. The popular kids don't hate you but the geeks don't either, so it's a respectable demographic.

In a nutshell, you answered enough questions with geek tendencies and enough questions without geek tendencies that it's difficult to pinpoint your exact alignment.

I expect a full 80% of men on Grant's side of the aisle to meet or exceed that number.