In honor of Dale

Since Dale has decided to join the 21st Century (though we all know it was for the free movie), I have decided to be a conforming nonconformist and get a Flickr account. Much more functional than my old PBase account.


They called him World

A man so great a town renamed itself in honor of him.


A man so strong he could stop streaks of light in their tracks.


A man descended from the Prophet.


And World, the Greatest of All Time.


My stance on the Katrina aftermath

I was going to respond to the comment of "Jeff Jenson" in the comments, but I have too much to say. (Why I bother responding to a person that has two ficticious blogs in his profile is beyond me, but...)

I'm not going to jump on the "Blame Bush" bandwagon. As a libertarian, my stance should pretty obvious, and the facts seem to support it. Government at every level has failed the people of the Mississippi Delta. City, Parish/County, State, and Federal. W is really no more to blame for the current chaos than is the Mayor of New Orleans.

In America, we have grown much too accustomed to thinking that FedGov or StateGov will save us. This situation has shown that reasoning like that is falacious. The state and city knew this was a possibility since 2001 when simulations predicted it. How is Bush any more responsible?

The Mayor and the Governor knew it was coming. Why did they not have every bus, train, and airplane in the vicinity loaded with people? Because Government can not save us!

When Mount Rainier goes, I do not expect the Coast Guard, or the Air Force Reserves or King County Emergency Services to get me and my family out. The ones doing that is going to be me and my family.



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